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Digital Marketing

Were you wondering if there is any value in obtaining a digital marketing certification?

If you're familiar with digital marketing, you know that you are always going to be seeking more knowledge, more skills, and more ways to show clients or employers that you can set their business apart. Adding a qualification to your resume is a great thing to get you a little closer to success.

Being a digital marketer doesn’t require any college degree, yet it is a good thing to have any certificate in the field since it demonstrates that it was important enough for you to master your profession. You invested your time and energy to learn and master the skills necessary to succeed in that field. Digital marketing is a field where proven ability speaks louder than any bachelor program, there are specific skills that no college can teach you, but only proven experience can.

What Makes a Certification Legitimate?

There have been plenty of scammers trying to make a quick buck by selling courses, certificates, and certifications. How would you know if the certification you are looking at is legitimate? You should ask these questions to decide for yourself if the certification you are looking at will contribute to your career:

Are They Taught by Industry Professionals? Do not waste your time and money by participating in courses taught by people who don’t practice what they teach. Digital agencies want their employees to be taught real-world practical knowledge as it applies to this industry. Seek an institute that hires teachers with real world experience.

Does It Offer Practical Knowledge? Will you be able to take the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired and then apply them to the real world? Will the course teach you new skills, or upgrade the skills that you already have? You need to be able to translate what you learn into your career in digital marketing. If you can do it then it’s looking good.

Is It Widely Accepted? This may be hard to decide, but you should do a little bit of research to see others opinions about that course, see what are former students saying after taking this course? Check for reviews. Not all programs are accepted equally or offer the same things, so if you are looking at two that appear to meet the above criteria, this could be helpful.

What is the Difference between a Certificate and a Certification?

Certification. Certification recognizes that you’ve done some work, and taken a series of classes and passed an exam on the course material. Most courses can be quite in-depth, and will cover a range of topics. In some instances, your certification remains valid for only a set amount of time before you must recertify. Certifications usually cost more due to the fact they are more in-depth than certificates, and you might have to pay a fee in order to take the exam.

Certificates. Certificates are given at the end of a course that usually covers a single topic. They are often given just for participation in the course and not necessarily a reflection of how you succeed. Do not think less of their value if they really teach you something useful. Many certificates are offered for free, taking them requires only an investment of time. It doesn't hurt to add them to your resume.

What Are the benefits of Obtaining a Qualification/Certification?

It’s hard to point out the value of a digital marketing qualification to career development, since it is immeasurable. Whether you have experience in the field or just starting out, you’ll need to gain its value. The main appealing aspect of obtaining a qualification/certification is that you don’t have prerequisite education experience or need to upgrade any courses to begin.

Some of the major benefits of obtaining a certification or qualification include:

  • Staying updated with New Developments
  • Certifications help you keep on top of new developments in the industry as they happen. With innovations in technology constantly emerging, continually upgrading your skills will help you stay on top of these advances.


According to a recent study it seems that not all college graduates are ready to enter the workforce as they think they are. Having certifications that show employers that you have the practical knowledge you need to succeed in your job is invaluable.

Promotional Opportunities

Digital marketing requires a diverse cross-section of skills. By adding some specialties to your niche, you can help yourself advance quickly in a company i.e. a content writer that also knows PPC and SEO can easily become a content manager.

Demanding a Higher Wage

Your potential of earning as a digital marketer is high. It is considered one of the top ten earning jobs that doesn't require any degree. Every certification that you can add to your resume adds to your credibility to demand a higher wage and gives you the confidence to know that you deserve it.

Set Yourself Apart From Your Peers

Where everything else seems equal, the number of certifications you’ve gained will set you apart from your competition. It is not just about having the certifications and the skills that come with them, but it demonstrates a drive for self-improvement that speaks highly to your character.

Offers Legitimacy

The reality is that most people still possess the mentality that formal education is important. A digital marketing certification is where education and practical knowledge separates. It meets the requirement of post-secondary education, but focuses on teaching you the things you will really need to know in the real world.