Aliexpress and Amazon, are top e-commerce dropshipping platforms, and attract huge quantity of people. People nowadays, explore new method to develop their business, which is dropship from Aliexpress to Amazon.

Either a newbie of e –commerce, or are a veteran looking switch up your business model, here’s the ultimate guide to dropshipping from Aliexpress to Amazon.

With it, you’ll be one step closer to dropship aliexpress to amazon. During the process, pay attention if some of the problems below occur:

  • Supplier in Aliexpress doesn’t cooperate
  • Delay in shipping
  • Real products are different from online photos
  • Stock may be in lack sometimes

Why Should You Try?

You have decided to start an e-commerce store. What is your next step?

Entrepreneurs usually try a product idea, find suppliers, pay for the products and ship them into their real-world, or in stock for an online store. Once they receive their products, they’ll try hard to dropship them in any way possible. The problem is no one really knows what will dropship well, or if he’ll be able to dropship the product at all.

There are many risks in the business. i.e.:

  • Jessica purchases 100 units of a particular product line, paying $1,000 for them.
  • She dropships 10 products and gains $200.
  • Jessica quickly realizes that her products couldn’t be sold out and decides to close her online store.
  • She lost over $800.

However, if she had tried dropshipping from Aliexpress to Amazon, she would have made $100 in profit even if she failed to pick the right products at first. Here’s how:

  • Jessica uses Aliexpress to Amazon drop shipping, means she doesn’t buy products in advance;
  • She only manages to dropship 10 products and earns $200 in sales;
  • After Jessica got more requests from customers, she orders the products from the Aliexpress supplier and has them shipped directly to her customers;
  • Jessica just earned money without any loss (costs).

Dropshipping from Aliexpress to Amazon is the reason that two totally similar situations bring totally different results.

The beauty of dropshipping from Aliexpress to Amazon is that you don’t have to buy a product before dropshipping it, so you don’t spend your precious budget on inventory.

How to Dropship from Aliexpress to Amazon?

Aliexpress dropshipping Amazon is a very popular marketplace for dropshipping business model. You import the product details and images from AliExpress.com directly to your Amazon store, choose from millions of different items offered.

You have the freedom to set your own prices, and the best part is that after you sell a product, you purchase it from a supplier on AliExpress and then they will dropship it directly from their warehouse to your customer. AliExpress dropshipping Amazon is very simple, easy, and low risk for new e-commerce starters.

As simple as dropshipping from AliExpress to Amazon may sound, this process can still be a bit difficult to understand. Let’s make an example: Aliexpress acts as the supplier, and Amazon will be the dropshipper. Someone wants to purchase make-up in Amazon, so after she’s ordering, Amazon sends the request to Aliexpress, and Aliexpress delivers the lipstick to the lady directly. That’s the entire process to dropship from Aliexpress to Amazon.

Amazon never sees the real product throughout the process of dropshipping from aliexpress to amazon. Some other related information:

  • Being the front platform, Amazon is in charge of collecting the customers’ orders which are then fulfilled by Aliexpress to Amazon dropshipping;
  • Aliexpress will get the request immediately, and all the preparations from now on shall be responsible by Aliexpress;
  • On preparation, that’s the trouble spot as we mentioned. Products stock, delivery time, delay, and which party shall take responsibility etc.
  • Problems aside, in assumption, we are doing a case smoothly Aliexpress will deliver the products directly to the customer;
  • Once the customer receives the product and confirm the order, the case is completed.

Let’s sum up how it works step by step of how AliExpress dropshipping Amazon:

  • The customer places an order in your Amazon store, pays retail price of $200;
  • Your store keeps $50 profit and forward the order to your supplier and pay wholesale $150;
  • AliExpress ships the product directly to your customer.

While using Amazon as a supplying platform for your dropshipping business, you may face a number of limitations they put on. Limits on your product range, geographic range of business, and branding possibilities.

You can’t legally dropship on Amazon

Amazon has several requirements which make it impossible for a ‘classical’ dropshipping through the platform:

  • You are not allowed to make purchases from other online retailers and ask these retailers to send the order directly to the initial customer
  • You can’t send your buyer a package that contains invoices, stickers, or other elements indicating a seller’s name or contact information that is different from your own personal details.
  • There is a ‘loophole’ in this system: you may try marking your order as a gift; as such, the packing slip will be hidden in a separate envelope in order not to let the recipient view the gift’s price.

These options are not available for the items sold in Amazon Global Store. Over more, you can only learn about this on checkout. So, it’s not a really good idea to fulfil orders anyway and simply hope this strategy will work every time.

Amazon on the other hand, still claims that it allows selling items through the dropshipping business model – but it simply means that you can use the service of Fulfillment by Amazon; you can physically store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Then, dedicated personnel will assemble the packages, the packaging services, and arrange the shipping to the necessary addresses.